Jan 21 2011

Hola todos!!!So excited to start the blog. Thanks to Chelsea and Paul from Modern Frame Productions for making my webpage and encouraging me to have a blog. As a little homage to Maestro Bodlak I would like to share one of his favorite quotes, from artist and teacher Paul Darrow:

Art is not something you do on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and it is not a career;  art is a way of life as essential as breathing.”

Studio 1477

@ Studio In 1477 Park Street

@ Studio 400

@ Studio 400



In 2010 I moved to a new studio (shown in the 2nd photo).  In the first image I’m saying goodbye to my old studio on the day of the moving.  The third is the truck I used to move all my works and tools to my new home.  En el 2010 me mudé de atelier (la segunda foto).  En la primera me estoy despidiendo del estudio anterior el día de la mudanza.  La tercera imagen es del camión que usé para mudar mis obras y herramientas de trabajo.

Ok, I broke the ice now…  (Rompí el hielo!)

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  1. Hola Gabriela!

    Great first post!! I love the quote and all your new photos. Keep up the good work!

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